Tursas, also known as Iku-Turso, is a mythical sea monster familiar from Finnish folklore. He is also a god of war who punishes his enemies with his powerful magic. That is why you should never underestimate Tursas, because it is the one who can grant you victory in battle. We in Tursas Miniatures believe, that our figurines will make you victorious in tabletop games. Praying to Iku-Turso or Nuffle can't harm you either...


  Tursas Miniatures is a young company established by a couple of gamers. Our miniatures have the old-school vibe even though we make them using modern tools such as digital sculpting and top-of-the-line 3D-printers. Initially, we will concentrate on single miniature projects such as Fantasy Football star players. Let us know if you have some quirky ideas for miniatures that you would like us to realise. We hope that you will enjoy our miniatures!




Simo & Lassi






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